Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prayer Request

All summer I had plans for great blog posts. Fun pictures, little stories, prayer request, and answers to prayer. And before I knew it September was here!

I have to confess that I was going through a kind of rebellion...I know that sounds crazy since this is my own blog, but I am so ANNOYED that I can't post any pictures of our Max and Ellyana! How can I put up vacation pictures or summer fun and leave them out? This is our family blog and they are part of our family!

Their adoption should have been final by August, but unfortunately we have not been blessed this time around with an adoption caseworker who is at all motivated. Legally we could finalize anytime after June 30th, yet here we sit without a court date. I have emailed and called several times with no response from her personally. She did call our attorney and ask her if we would be interested in a phone finalization?! These kids have been through SO much and they are so excited to go to court and have the judge make their names officially Maximus Louis Johnston, and Ellyana Victoria Irene Johnston. If the dang caseworker would have done her part in July like she said she was going to we would already have our finalization done. Grrrrr...a phone finalization is not enough, they need their fresh start with a day at the courthouse and a celebration after.

The kids ask every week when they get to go see the judge and be adopted forever, and Max still sleeps with a little stuffed friend that the judge at Luke's finalization gave him...every night.

So this family is asking all of your families to be praying for our judges, caseworkers, support staff, and attorneys. We pray that if it is God's will, that mountains would move and we would be able to finalize on November 17th here at National Adoption Day. We pray that this case would not sit on the back of anyone's desk any longer, and that hearts would become motivated! We also pray for peace for Max and Elly...and a little more patience for Mom and Dad.

Thanks for the prayers and lack-of-posts patience...