Monday, December 14, 2009

Jesus loves you!

Last week was quite crazy and stressful, and I had been sending up many prayers for peace and patience.  As I was heading off to grocery shopping a little harried I hear Eli say from the backseat..."meshmush muves wu".  So I say, "what was that honey, could you say it louder"?  This time I hear..."JESUS LOVES YOU MOMMY"!  Melt my heart.  Just what I needed to hear and something I have never heard come out of his mouth before so I know it was a message sent special delivery.

*update*  He has continued to tell me this everyday, and even brought me his bible and turned to the page with Jesus in the manger and said "see mommy, I'll show you" and he points to Jesus with a stubby finger..."Jesus loves you"!