Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Snippets....

I have been trying to put together an update all week and honestly could not find any spare energy at the end of my day. We have welcomed 5 different newborns to this family, but not one new baby can compare to adding a walkin', talkin', love-needin', insecure, tryin' to find their place in this scary world "big kid". We have discovered a new kind of exhaustion. It is an extremely blessed, happy exhaustion, but emotional exhaustion none the less.

Here are some fun, happy things we are seeing and hearing:

-Girls laughing, giggling, and chasing eachother around the house

-Boys clicking lego pieces together and sharing the awesome finished products with eachother

-Kids praying for eachother, and asking eachother for prayer

-The sharing of beloved stuffed friends from one brother to another to comfort a newcomer with his nightmares

-A hug from one little sister to comfort a new big sister at the end of her good cry

-Amazing noise and chaos outside on the green machines and bikes (I'm sure this used to be a quiet street ;-)

-"I did it!" after hours of homework practice for 2 kids so behind in school due to circumstances they couldn't control

-"Mom and Dad" screeched from all 7 of our children

-"Mom, will you wash my hair"

-"Dad, can I come too?"

And the practical update...we did sell our Grand Caravan this week quicker than we thought and are now crazily shopping for a 9 passenger (or bigger) vehicle. The Suburban only seats 7...brilliant planning eh? We have also discovered that an extra large front loading washer/dryer would be WONDERFUL!

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Amy said...

So happy to hear it is going well. I soooo understand the exhaustion though. ;0) Praying for you guys~ Amy