Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Wheels

I just realized I never posted the photo of the new "beast" in the family!  We did end up getting a nine passenger Ford Excursion and will be putting in a "little seat" for extra seating.  At one point in our marriage we owned a Ford F-250 truck and that had seemed big, but nothing compares to parking this thing with all of us loaded in there, LOL!


Co said...

Oh, girl, this is the vehicle I want next! Dan and I have been dreaming about one for awhile. Our expedition doesn't have enough room behind the seat for all the stuff we drag around.

Are you still making your own laundry soap? I am going to attemp it the next time I need soap. Thanks for the recipe!

So happy for you with the adoption of your kiddos. We are still stuck on the price of adoption...maybe it's just not the time yet. God will work it out! :)

Amy said...

Love your 'beast' LOL So glad everything is going so good for you guys! Yeah God! Amy