Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's little funny...

Okay.  At the risk of messing up my "I can't believe you handle having all those kids so well" image everyone says I have (ha, ha), I am going to share the funny of the day.  

So most of you who know me well, know that I am slow as a turtle.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and as my darling Ben put's it...I have one speed, "slooowww".  I call it relaxed... This does not always help me with being on time for things, but I do honestly try really hard to do my best and have really, really improved with age.

Now, one would ask why God would bless such a slow women with 7 children?  Who knows.  I am guessing He thought it would be amusing to watch me take an already ridiculous get ready routine to new longer length levels?

To get on with the I took Isabelle to preschool as usual.  We arrived "right on time", and I waited at the door while she went in for the wave of "goodbye, I see my teacher".  At the door she turned to me and said "my class isn't here".  I told her that was silly, and that she needed to get further than the door to determine that.  She waved me off then and I started home, at which point I looked at the clock and realized that it was off by an hour.  Hmmm?  I proceeded to RESET the clock (brilliant, eh?) and pull in the driveway with the boys.  I get in the house and realize that the clock in the living room is the wrong time too...hello!  Race back to my phone to double check the time and finally figure out that I actually dropped Isabelle off an hour early to school!  I don't believe in the history of my life I have ever been an hour early for anything, thus the clear questioning of all the clocks around me...imagine my shock when I realized I had an extra hour in my day!!!  

Luckily we live around the block from the school, and I was already pulling in the parking lot when the school secretary called to let me know that Isabelle was patiently waiting in the office for me.  Knowing her mother very well, she laughed and told me I was "silly" and asked what we were now going to do until school?  Well, we did A LOT in that hour.  It was clearly a gift from God Himself and I was certainly not going to waste it!

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