Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update #1

So, for those long ago promised updates...

The red truck was broken into last month.  I know it happened while I was in the shower, which makes it all that much more creepy and unsettling.  I found out when I went out in the rain to throw out a poopy diaper and noticed the front passenger door open on my truck.  How odd, I thought.

Then comes that sickening feeling as you get closer and just know your personal space has been seriously invaded.  I got up to the door, cautiously looked around, and then peered in. Yup.  They got the GPS, both DVD players, a lot of movies, an Ipod, some cords for the sound system/GPS that Ben was seriously annoyed about (hard to find), and my peace of mind regarding humanity in general that day.

However, peace of mind was returned when...we realized that the movie that they found when they opened their "new" DVD player was none other than Eli's favorite Veggie Tale.  God Made You Special!  So chew on that one for awhile thief, and let's hope that God uses that ugly situation to turn some lives around.  Nothing like a picture of a smiling big, red tomato to throw your specialness/usefullness in your face!

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