Sunday, May 11, 2008

Easter Sunday

Since the year we moved to Texas, our Easter bunny has been having a little fun with the baskets. We had moved twice that year before Easter and we were worried that the kids wouldn't know any of the new hiding spots, so our "bunny" tied a string to the bed posts and ran all over the house with them until placing the other end on the handle of the basket. Each kid has their own color string and it's so fun to see them running all over trying to figure out where the string goes next. The tradition has stuck with us and now it happens each year!

Christian found his

Isabelle found hers

Eli found his

Eli is not sure about the Easter grass

Braeden found his too, but too fast for the camera

Mmmmmm, sugared up before chuch

Easter dinner after church

Late posts...but not forgotten...

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