Sunday, May 11, 2008


Two years ago we found a new hobby here in Austin, TX. I was reading my Family Fun magazine and they had an article about letterboxing. It is a "sport" of sorts that we do as a family. It starts out on with clues that we look up and print for area letterboxes, then we pack a picnic lunch and head out with journals, a stamp, and an ink pad. We follow the directions all over Austin until we find the letterbox hidden (could be anywhere...under a rock, in a tree, on top of a post, etc.) and then we mark our journals so that we know we've been there. We also have a family stamp that we use to mark the letterbox's journal and that way the person who set up that particular letterbox is able to see who has visited and when. This has become a super fun, free, favorite family pasttime on the weekends. Here are some pictures from Spring break letterboxing at a the Colorado River State Park...

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