Saturday, May 16, 2009


Ben has a great friend here who shares his tickets to UT basketball games when he can't make it.  Thanks Lane!  Those tickets are a BIG deal in the Johnston household and Ben rotates kids each game so that all will have a chance to go.  When it was Christian's turn to go they arrived a little early to the game and were checking things out when they were approached by someone from UT and asked if Christian would like to be part of the half-time show.  Christian was really excited and the pictures below are from the game and show.

The half-time show was a race between Christian and the boy in the picture.  They were to put on a team member's jersey and HUGE basketball shoes and dribble a ball to the basketball hoop at the other end of the court, make a basket and then turn around and come back.  The boys did awesome running in those huge shoes and then Christian was the first to make a basket and head back.  Both boys were given a gift bag with a UT towel, can cooler, team pennant, and t-shirt.  Christian also received 4 tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters game that was coming up. We found out after that the other little boy was a special guest that night.  He had been given a short time to live diagnosis due to a brain tumor.  Christian was very touched by the boys courage and strength and immediately asked Ben if he could give him the tickets to the Globetrotters.  Ben was very proud of Christian and encouraged him to run over and give them to the family.  Christian said "he could go to game another time, but he wanted that boy to have a chance now".  It was a good game, with good life lessons too.

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