Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catching up...

How terrible! I was so excited to get this blog up and running, and then we have had one thing after another happen over the last two weeks to keep us from posting. So, to fix this I think things will be a little backwards. I will add some pictures from Christmas, our cousin and his family's visit here over Christimas vacation, and Isabelle's birthday. Then hopefully we can go forward from then on.

We have had a little health issue (I'm sure no surprise to ya'll who know and love us ;-) with Eli. Last Tuesday we took him to urgent care because he was having trouble breathing and was wheezing terribly. He was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed steriods by mouth, plus albuterol treatments through a nebulizer every 4 hours, and to top it all off...antibiotics for a nasty ear infection. Now before you all think we had not cared for the little guy in days...he had no symptoms but a runny nose on Sunday and Monday. Woke up Tuesday to a temp of 99.9 and the wheezing. He wasn't even grumpy!

By Friday he was pretty cranky, and he HATED the nebulizer treatments. I took him into the pediatrician and the good news, no asthma! The nebulizer was not doing anything long term for him, so the doctor tested for other things. He also said that he had two of the worst looking ears he had seen. Turns out he has RSV, and the most we have to worry about is making sure he gets plenty of sleep and clear up the ears (which are a well known side effect of RSV). Yay!

Now it is over a week later and we are just finally turning the corner with the wheezing and back to decent naps.

I've added a picture of Eli having one of the nebulizer treatments :-( He was so sad.

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