Friday, January 18, 2008


The two weeks before Christmas were spent trying to help our 5 year old male cat, Snuggles(nicknamed affectionately, Kiki). He had developed crystals in his urinary tract and they were making him extremely ill. After $480 in vet bills and watching our poor Kiki try and pass the crystals, similar to passing a kidney stone, we decided the time had come.

However, the vet had developed a particular fondness for him and when we brought him in she asked permission to do the very expensive catheter/antibiotic treatments to see if she could clear up the problem. She explained that she would need us to relinquish our rights to Kiki and that the vet clinic would adopt him if she could help him heal. He would then become a blood donor cat for them and help all the other sick cats that come in. They felt that his wonderful personality and extreme size would make for a great clinic pet. I know this sounds crazy, but the vet clinic is a beautiful, huge, old victorian home with plenty of room and lots of employees to love Kiki. It seemed a wonderful option for us since the $1,700 for treatment was not in the budget.

So, this is for you Kiki and all the snuggles and laughter you brought to our home. We love you and miss you!

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