Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We've arrived!

Always the last to try something when it involves technology...that is the Johnston way. It took us forever to get cell phones, a computer, then the Internet (not to mention eBay), and we still don't have cable or a satellite dish. Blogging just looks like such a fun way to update out of town friends and family, that we couldn't resist any longer. This will be a family blog, so that means you could hear from any one of us at any time...We will have fun posting pictures and making our background fun for you over the next couple weeks!


Jordan said...

Wow you guys, a blog! I am kinda impressed. You guys should get a gallery that i can cycle through with all of your pictures. (Just a thought)

Melissa said...

Now who helped you make this? haha I dont think that I could have figured it out. Its a great idea though! I will definatly keep in touch with it. The kids are getting SOOOO big. I miss you guys!